What Is A Vehicle History Report? How Do I Get One?

A Vehicle History Report containts important information about a vehicle’s past. Since there are many similar Makes and Models of a vehicle, it was decided in 1981 to “label” each Vehicle with a unique Vehicle Identification Number, or “VIN“.

What is a Vehicle History Report

Looking Up a Vehicle History Report

There are multiple ways to look up a Vehicle History using a Vehicle History Reporting Service, but we will go over that later. Here is the information you will receive when you order a Vehicle History Report:

  • The current and previous state of the Title Data
  • The date(s) that the title was (re)Issued
  • Latest Odometer Data
  • Theft History Data (if any)
  • Any Title Brands that are assigned to the vehicle’s VIN
  • Any Salvage History, including whether or not the vehicle was a “Total Loss” (more about Total Loss here)
  • and possibly some other information, depending on the vendor providing the Vehicle History Report

 Where Can I Get a Vehicle History Report

There the big (and inherently expensive) companies like CarFax that provide Vehicle History Reports, but in the past several years, quite a few smaller, just as reliable companies have popped up that charge a fraction of what companies like CarFax charge. Here is a list of those companies:

  1. VinCheckReport
  2. Autocheck
  3. VinAudit
  4. VinAlert

For more information about Vehicle History Reports, please visit Wikipedia’s article on Vehicle History Reports.